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Glow Cuff Snood

€ 59,00 Normale prijs
€ 15,00Verkoopprijs

Our signature infinity Snood is perhaps the most versatile, it may be worn looped around a number of times, to create a super snug fit that is ridiculously warm and seriously snug. Or it may be worn by simply looping it around twice to create a looser more layered snood, and simpler still it may be worn wrapped around just the once to create a laid back, relaxed look. It is a statement piece, adding that bolt of colour to your winter wardrobe.


Expertly crocheted with our unique blend of wool that carries a light reflective glassfibre yarn, this snood's light reflective properties means it is functional and illuminated, keeping the wearer seen and safe at night yet easily wearable and fashionable in the day. It's delicate and textured and properties make it soft to the skin and luxurious to wear.