Hjul Outerwear Denim Vest

Hjul Denim jacket

€ 145,00 Normale prijs
€ 50,00Verkoopprijs

The HJ016 workwear jacket has the cool months in mind. Made from high quality rough-hewn denim this sure to be favorite melds durability and good looks that well got you covered. While it’s obvious you’ll dig the corduroy collar and elbow patches the real magic lies on the super functionality. Let’s run it down: armpit eyelet vents for a bit of cooling inside and outside breast pocket spacious lower front pockets and dual inside/outside (Velcro/reflective zipper) access lower tail pocket big enough for your iPad. Nice eh?


  • Back pocket
  • Back pocket reflective strip
  • Armpit ventilation
  • Closable collar
  • Laptop pocket inside


Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large