Road Rags Holborn

Road Rags Holborn

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These limited edition super fine merino leggings have been designed for comfort and style with a fine attention to detail. With the integral skirt they offer you confidence to leave your lycra at home!


For a spring ride or commute they are a perfect balance in breathability and warmth. We have blended 7% bilarex to add a little extra hold. The natural qualities of merino gives you the opportunity to wear and re-wear. Ideal for your weekly commute. Luxurious for a weekend spin through the local streets or lanes.


Versatile, functional, stylish, there are no unsightly seams and no rubbing. I wear mine all the time!! The subtle shades of grey mean they look great with our ladies merino jumper, or one of our mens tops. If you are trying to decide between sizes we would suggest you choose the smaller size, merino wool fibres resemble tiny coiled springs and have a natural stretch.


Superfine 18.9 micron merino wool

Machine Washable

Integral Skirt

Beautifully woven textures


Charcoal: 93% superfine 18.9 micron merino, 7% bilarex

Slate: 85% superfine 18.9 micron merino, 15% polyamide