Road Rags Smitfield Dans l'assiette du cycliste

Road Rags Smithfield Men

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€ 49,00Verkoopprijs

This long sleeved and high necked winter warmer prevents drafts on those chilly morning spins. We have worked long and hard on Smithfield. It is a Limited Edition. Our efforts give you a luxuriously soft layer of 18.9 micron merino wool with a little man made fibre mixed in to add stretch. The underarms perforated for temperature control.


When temperatures really start to drop you can always add a Shoreditch or Hoxton for extra warmth. You will be surprised by the warmth and the wicking our merino wool will offer you. With merino you can definitely drop a layer from your normal garment combinations. After a day's commute or weekend spin don't forget the other great benefit - it doesn't smell after one use. Our merino garments have been used on many cycling trips in hot and cold conditions specifically because they can be worn day after day without having to be washed after every stage. Although designed for the guys this to